Monday, July 11, 2005

Fun with Google Earth

If you've met me, in person, in the past 2 weeks, you probably know that I've been having fun with Google Earth. The first day I downloaded it, Shonali and I had a great time flying/driving around Delhi, identifying all the places we could recognize. The keyhole database only has data for about half of Delhi, the south half, but that was OK because that's the part of Delhi that both of us used to live in. It seems like somewhat of a fluke that Google has data for Delhi, when you consider that they don't even have data for Bombay in India.

I hope the Google Earth team licenses/acquires some street level data for Delhi. If anyone from the Google Earth team is reading this, Eicher's of India definitely has street level data for Delhi. While I was living there, they were the first company to release a detailed book of roadmaps for Delhi. Get the data from them and let me know when you have it intergated into Google Earth!

Anyways, in the spirit of participatory Google Earth'ing (?!), I posted a bunch of spots in Delhi to the Google Earth BBS.

Also, in the "huge and unique" forum, I posted a link to the only baseball diamond you'll find in Delhi.

Zoomed out on Delhi with all the places that Shonali and I identified

Baseball field at ACSA, across the street from the American Embassy School


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