Saturday, July 09, 2005

high-speed overseas file transfer service

Dear As-of-yet-non-existent-reader,

I'd love to have a consumer-priced service that I could use to ship large files (e.g. video files for a DVD or lots of high-resolution photographs) from here in the United States to India. Most of Shonali's side of the family live in India and I'm always sending them photographs online (see On occasion, I've created DVDs (on my iMac) and sent them over with other family I've had traveling to India or through a courier service. But I'd much rather just be able to capture & author the video, set it to upload to somewhere and know that it will get delivered to them on CD or DVD. Basically, I want to avoid the whole step of filling out a bill of lading, finding out how much it's going to cost, etc. etc.

Do you know of any such service? Do you have one that you can recommend?


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